Technical Writing

TechWritingGetting ready to write a proposal? Are you trying to secure funding for your invention? We can help!  With engineers well-versed in the world of proposal writing, Stratosmith Technologies will help you land the contract or investment you’re looking for.  We can take on technical, management, and cost volumes as well as compliance matrices, and help put together concepts that will make you stand out from the competition. Our technical writers are experienced engineers who have helped win a total of over $5 Million in contracts. We will help you communicate your concept in clear terms to effectively convey your idea and maximize your investment and contract values.

Do you need technical documentation of a process, procedure, or product configuration for customers, investors, or marketing initiatives? From computer software configurations to complex hydraulic landing gear systems, our writers will provide complete and thorough documentation free of technical jargon so your documents are as user-friendly and well-designed as your products.

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