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InventBirdStratosmith Technologies is your partner in innovation. Our engineers are passionate about helping fellow innovators bring an idea from concept to reality, quickly and affordably. Speed to market is a constant challenge inventors are faced with when developing new products. Inventors need drawings, prototypes, and engineered solutions quickly to protect ideas, acquire investors, and start selling products. The fact is, most inventors do not have the resources (or budget) of a Fortune 500 company. Hiring your own squad of product development and manufacturing engineers may seem like a crucial, yet unattainable, step forward. But you don’t need a squad of engineers, you need the right engineers. Stratosmith’s multidisciplinary engineers are experienced in every phase of the design cycle, allowing quality products to be developed quickly and affordably.   Whether you need patent drawings, technical illustrations, an elegant functional prototype, or 10,000 production units, Stratosmith Technologies is here for you.

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