Certified Mechanical Design Professionals at Your Service

CSWP-MDWe are pleased to announce that Stratosmith Technologies President and Chief Engineer, Joshua Smith, has received his SolidWorks Professional Mechanical Design (CSWP-MD) certification!

The rigorous examination process and culminating certification recognizes efficiency, proficiency, and multidisciplinary expertise in engineering design gained through more than a decade of experience using SolidWorks Computer Aided Design and Engineering (CAD/CAE) software to design, analyze, and build a myriad of different parts, systems, mechanisms, and assemblies, from precision electromechanical components for turbine blade machining to 300,000 pound weldments for spacecraft assembly and testing.

Joshua is proud of this recognition of his engineering expertise and leadership, and will continue mentoring other members of Stratosmith’s engineering team currently pursuing this and other industry certifications.

Congratulations, Joshua!

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