Stratosmith Technologies to attend 2014 AUVSI Unmanned Systems Expo

Robot waving

Stratosmith Technologies will be attending the 2014 AUVSI Unmanned Systems Event in Orlando, Florida, from May 11-15. This exciting industry event encompasses businesses, research, and technology across all aspects of unmanned systems, including robotics, aerospace vehicles, and underwater systems. Of note is the 2014 Unmanned Systems Demonstration to be held at the NASA Kennedy Space Center on May 11. Dozens of unmanned air and ground vehicles and systems will be demonstrated at this first of its kind event!

Find out more about the show at and feel free to contact us to schedule a meeting at the show to add Stratosmith’s mechanical engineering expertise to your unmanned systems project.

RECAP: AUVSI Unmanned Systems Event

UAV_AgricultureWe had a great time at the AUVSI Unmanned Systems Event in Jacksonville, FL. Several professionals from the broad spectrum of UAV manufacturers, integrators, and end users spoke on the myriad applications of unmanned aircraft systems. UAVs are certainly much more than tools for military or law enforcement use as is commonly seen in movies and video games. In fact, some of the first UAVs built in the mid-1990s were for locating offshore tuna schools to maximize fishing yields.

New uses of UAVs to support agricultural endeavors, such as monitoring crops for disease, stress, growth, and yields, are bringing powerful technology into the hands of farmers and researchers. Did you know that several types of tree increase their canopy temperature by 1-2 degrees when stressed from lack of water? This is the first symptom of stress, before wilting leaves or any other visual clue, and perceivable by a UAV with an infrared camera flying over the field. Irrigation can be modified prior to any additional stress or damage to the plant, since the watering issue can be detected prior to any visual sign of distress.

The field of UAV research is much broader than aerodynamics or aviation applications. UAV and other autonomous systems are versatile and innovative platforms for numerous technologies across industries and disciplines, and an exciting area for research, development, and commercial opportunities.